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From: "Horst W. Gutsche" <>
Subject: [GV] Our people in Komsomolsk on the Amur River in the Russian Far East
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 07:26:05 -0700

The following article appeared in the Evangelische Zeitung (Evangelical
Newspaper) of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Hanover. It was then
printed in the German-language Bessarabian Newsletter of April 4, 2002.

Translation: Horst W. Gutsche - April 19, 2002

The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation in Komsomolsk on the Amur River

After one and a half years of being in existence, St. Catherine Evangelical
Lutheran Congregation in the Russian city of Komsomolsk on the Amur River,
which is the border between Russia and China further south and east has
grown from five to 92 members with an additional 50 friends of the
congregation. A note in one newsletter states: "We view ourselves a family
with the face of a lady".

The majority of the members of the congregation are ladies of various ages.
The newsletter also mentions that the name of the congregation not only is
there to remind one of St. Catherine, but also to act as a reminder of
Katharina von Bora, the wife of Dr. Martin Luther. The study of the Bible
is a very, very important aspect of the ministry of the congregation with
the ladies, the children and with the members of the youth club. Besides
this, the congregation is active in aiding the large numbers of people who
suffer because of the poor economic conditions in the country. So far, St.
Catherine congregation does not have its own building but must rely on
rented facilities which change from time to time.

ema/Ev.Zeitung Hannover

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