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Subject: [GV] AHSGR Journals/Clues = Friends of Engels Archives
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 10:45:20 Africa/Johannesburg

Just a few snatches of news from Engels Archives =

Having spoken to Mrs Erina, the director, she sends you all her best
wishes and thanks all "Friends of the Engels Archives" for their kind
support, in gifts, money and PC hardware/software Donations.

She spends a lot of time now lecturing at universities, conferences
on GR-Culture, and she says that ......

Should there be any further < Collections of AHSGR Journals and
Clues > that someone would wish to donate,
she would very much like to have a set for the Engels Archives

<< because, after all, it is the continuation of the history of the GR people of the
with lots of photos. Our archives are being well frequented and researched by
researchers who also know English, and they also have quite a number of
scholars/researchers/academics visiting from other countries
(Germany, Europe, America = doing non-genealogy history research.) >>

So, if anyone wishes to donate their set of AHSGR Journals,
may I suggest you contact our List-Owner Patrice Miller, who would be the
correct person to co-ordinate this gift ?

Some good news. One of you, a "Friends of the Engels Archives" from Germany
(sounds like Gerhard Lange and friends),
last year sent in a donation of 250 DM for which
Mrs Erina restored 12 old books (works out at about $10 per book - but this
depends on how thin-thick the book is and how damaged.
Thick books probably do cost more to restore.


Vera Beljakova-Miller

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