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From: Patrice Miller <>
Subject: [GV] Discussions on the German Volga Mail List
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 19:22:00 -0700

As long as the topics on the German Volga Mail list have something to do
with Germans from Russia genealogy, family research and related topics
oriented specifically to the Volga Valley area of Russia, they are
acceptable. Sometimes topics get beat to death, and that is okay. That
usually means many people find the topic interesting or they just want
to say something about it. That is what a mail list is all about,
participation and sharing.

If you find some topic over-discussed and boring, and occasionally I do,
then just don't read the messages. But please, don't shut someone down
if they have something to say about a topic. Obviously many others find
the topic interesting.

The reasons to stop a conversation would be if it was off topic, or
rude, political etc. Guidelines for the German Volga mail list can be
found at:

Patrice Miller

German Volga Mail List owner

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