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From: "R Benson" <>
Subject: [GV] Russian Village Name Citations
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 01:41:59 -0700
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Dear Friends,

If the entry is to a standard genealogy program such as PAF or other popular
genealogy program our choices are limited to four jurisdictions. As I
understand it, Russia had several jurisdictional levels. That is why AHSGR
adopted the standard of citing the colony/village, the province, the region,
and nation. This allows entry of the place, where that place is located
provincially, where that place is located regionally and in what nation.
Since Bergseite and Saratov describe basically the same area, and
Wiesenseite and Samara also describe basically the same area, the boundary
between the two being the Volga River, it is likely that was considered when
AHSGR chose the regional name of Volga. BTW Frank was both a colony/village
and the seat of a larger governmental district within Saratov Province.

We can describe a location in simple and straight forward terms or we can be
as complex and obscure as we wish. My preference is to keep it simple. It
helps little to be so precise that as a consequence we become obtuse.

Bob Benson

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