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Subject: Re: [GV] Genealogical Question
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 15:57:05 Africa/Johannesburg

> I am preparing a report and was wondering when I list Frank, Russia, is there a province
or county such as Saratov or Volga? Or would it be as Frank, Volga, Saratov, Russia?
> Thank you

Frank is the village.
The names were laer russified, so Frank became ......?
The district / canton / county is ??????
Saratov is the Province
Volga is a River (not an admin. unit - but a geographic description.

"Volga Germans" generally lived along the Middle-Volga, on either
sides in the Provinces of Samara and Saratov.
Saratov was Bergseit
Samara was Wiesenseite.

Later the provincial demarcations were changes, and what was Samara
become Saratov.

Volga is also divided into Upper, Middle and Lower Volga.


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