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From: "Jayne" <>
Subject: Re: [GV] GR Museum exhibits at Saratov & Engels Museums
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 06:07:46 -0500
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Dennis Strickler gave us the URL for the Engels Archives. Thank you, Dennis.

I put the German through AltaVista for a machine translation which I am posting for those who might benefit. I do not translate German myself, so apologies are in order - but for what it is worth.......
"The file of the Volga-German republic was created 1921 and accommodates a global and probably to a large extent closed document of great quantity and of impressive scope. The contents originated from 1765 to 1941. Until 1941 also private large quantities were collected by families, groups etc.. To this day documents are still being delivered by Volga Germans. Total stocks are almost completely opened and by German page particularly by the Goettinger working group (Professor Eisfeld in Goettingen, Igor Pleve in Saratow) punctually are processed. Appeared from this work among other things: 1999 the first tape of an encyclopedia " German Russia ". Encyclopedia. Bd. 1 (A-I), Moscow 1999 and the first tape of a source edition of the immigrant lists: Igor Pleve (handling), immigration into the Volga area 1764-1767. Bd.1: Colonies Anton Frenchmen. Goettingen 1999. An integration of the file in Engels into the Saratower central file is intended. So far the integration fails because!
of the resistance of the directress of the file, who leads the house for 35 years. The file is a local file. [jwd: local meaning ?]
Great find Dennis. We have heard one of the Engels Archive members speak at a convention. It looks as cold and difficult as it has been described. We are fortunate to have Dr. Pleve working in here.

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