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From: "Jayne Wunsch Dye" <>
Subject: Re: [GV] Russian Military obligations
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:33:35 -0500
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Hello to the list,
The discussion on Military Obligations has been most interesting. It would appear to
be a good example of family hearsay being wrong. My uncle, Henry Wunsch, left Galka
Russia in 1911 (word of mouth from his son) all by himself at the age of 17 "because
he was about to be drafted for 25 years". I have often repeated this story -
thinking it to be true - but now I do NOT believe it. He probably was about to be
drafted - and my grandfather may well have been incensed at the idea - but the 25
years ....... pretty questionable...from the info posted on this list. So much for
accepting family stories at face value.
The next part of the story I also believe, but only partially. Knowing my
grandfather and other stories about him. The parents and 4 younger children left
Galka in 1913 and caught up with Henry, the oldest in Canada. He met them at the
train station in Winnipeg on his bicycle. Grandfather had not seen his son in two
years and the story is: "Grandfather went absolutely berserk at the sight of such
extravagance and gave him the tongue lashing of his life!" We also know that
grandfather was a strong believer in corporal punishment - and never wasted a single
word - so it probably wasn't a 'tongue' lashing in actuality. My grandfather
believed not in the old adage, "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all."
Grandfather's adage was - "If you can, say nothing."

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