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From: "Robert M. Benson" <>
Subject: Re: Pleve
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:30:44 -0800
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Dear Lauren and listers,

I read your comments and I sense your frustration, in fact at times I share
your frustration, perhaps not with Dr. Pleve, but with making progress on
issues that concern Germans from Russia. My understanding is that Dr.
Pleve's research is to some extent influenced where the families and
colonies intersect. For example if Pleve has 2 families to research in
village A and 5 families to research in village B, he is more likely to be
working on the later, rather than the former, everything else being equal.
My good friend Nick Bretz has been waiting for 4 or 5 years for information
out of Rothhamel. I have two orders in for Huck and one in for Norka, dated
from April of last year. I have no idea when those orders will be filled. I
also don't have an appreciation for the research time available to Pleve at
the archives which may influence the management of the request orders he
holds. Additionally, Pleve's priorities and yours and mine likely do not
coincide, but at this time he is the only game in town.

As for the comments related to Arthur Flegel. Art is the fellow who
facilitated our ability to secure this information and while he enjoys a
personal relationship with Pleve, he is not informed about Pleve's progress
on research either for individual families or the villages currently being
researched. Art's time has been fully engaged in his research and
publication of material on one of the villages he serves as village

Frankly, I don't think any of us who have placed research orders with Pleve
are considered "small potatoes." I know of folks who have ordered simple
look ups as you described who have received a response within months
afterward. Personally, I have no good appreciation for the access and
constraints Pleve and his minions work under at the archives and the
processing that data requires to create a family chart, etc. What I do know
is I would prefer to have carefully researched correct information, rather
than a hastily researched, slap dash, by guess and by golly product. And I
think you all would concur with that.

Finally, I think we have grown used to rapid gratification in our business
dealings with others. We likely use a yardstick calibrated to those
expectations in our business relationship with Pleve. Likely, he uses a
different yardstick and works at a pace consistent with the standards he
has set for himself and the priorities he places on demands for his time
and talent.

All of this is thrown out for your consideration, accept it or reject it as
you will as I am not Pleve's apologist.


Robert M. Benson
33 Moonlit Circle
Sacramento, CA 95831-1505
(916) 392-6941

Village Coordinator for the Colony of Norka

Researching Staerkel, Knippel, and Nagel from Norka, Schaefer and Leonhardt
from Grimm and Pohl from Huck.

At 11:16 AM 01/31/2001 EST, wrote:
>Same thing happened to me. About a year ago I asked Dr Pleve to look up my
>gf and ggf in the "recently foulnd" Pobochnoye church books. He said that
>would. For months nothing came. A few months later I wrote to art Flegel.
>No answer.
>I think we are small potatoes. If we don't have a major request they ignore
>us. Don't they know that we might have a major research request next year?
>C'est la vie.
>Laurin Wilhelm, San Antonio
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