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Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 06:58:01 EDT

Nancy -

When I was Editor of our genealogy newsletter/journal I had the same problem
with MSWord, so I used the Address Book in my _Print Shop_
( software to create the
mailing labels.

For each address you can set up the Primary Address with Telephone Numbers;
Work Information/Email Addresses & their Internet Home Page (if they have
one); a Secondary Address & Telephone Number and the Dates to Use the Secondary
Address; Family Information such as Birthdays, Anniversary & Children's
Names; Custom Information with three Custom Fields which is where I set up ours
with Membership Year, Category of Membership & Membership #; and Groups/Notes
where I set up Groups such as: Active Memberships, Donations, Newsletter
Exchange, Board Members, Gift Memberships, Inactive Memberships, Library
Volunteers, Lifetime Memberships, and New Members. Then if just needed to print
labels say for Board Meeting Notices, that Group Heading would bring up just
those addresses.

Unfortunately, I think you would have to add all the information manually. I
could never find a way to merge information from another program into the
Print Shop Address Book.

Before going to just Print Shop I was trying at least three other programs.
Print Shop Address Book worked like a charm for me and what I needed it for,
operating a Genealogy Society.

Sharon in South Carolina

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