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From: (PROF A. R. Whitaker {FEC FAC})
Subject: Re: Professor
Date: 26 Jun 2002 12:21:20 -0400
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>Technically, undergraduates go to college, graduates students to the
>university -- a distinction kept alive by the institutions that award
>degrees. My bachelor's degrees, for example, were awarded by the College
>of Arts and Sciences of the University of Maryland; but my M. A. and Ph.D
>were awarded by the University of Maryland. More recent diplomas from
>Maryland do add the words "Graduate School of the..." on advanced degrees.
> Regards, Frank Young
> 703-527-7684
Usage may vary from - um - campus to campus. At Penn, my
bachelor's degree was awarded by the University upon recommendation
by The College, similarly for my Ph.D. upon recommendation of The
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. We looked down on undergraduate
(and graduate) degrees recommended by the Wharton School - not because
it was a school, but because it was Wharton! We did not look down on
engineering bachelor's degrees recommended by the Towne School of
Science or on the several undergraduate degrees offered by The School
of Fine Arts.
Although we have strayed a little from the inquiry that started
this, I think it is in the spirit of that inquiry to note that in the
US 'school' and 'college' do not have the somewhat invidious connota-
tions they appear to have in the UK, and that the lines get blurrier
here year after year.
A. Royall Whitaker, Gent.
Often in erorr, never in doubt

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