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From: "Rhonda Houston" <>
Subject: RE:'s policy and responsibility of the receiver of this service
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 14:23:34 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

"We all know this."

If YOU really thought that EVERYONE REALLY KNEW THIS, then please tell me
why are so many people have placed their input into this subject and felt so
put upon by

Why don't you take the big step, Genee, YAWN, and begin a NEW SUBJECT.

Rhonda Houston

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From: [mailto:]On Behalf Of Genee
Sent: Friday, June 21, 2002 12:33 PM
Subject: Re:'s policy and responsibility of the receiver of
this service

Oh YAWN give it a rest! How many computer users do you think read the
fine print of any new program agreement? Bottom line is if you want
to get in or install it you click yes to agree. We all know this, so
we skip to yes or no and save ourselves reading all the double talk.

The Cranky Genee

On 21 Jun 2002 10:30:00 -0600, (Rhonda
Houston) wrote:

>(1) In your explanation in paragraph three, once you ask for a NEW
>to which they also agreed to was where a WHOLE NEW AGREEMENT TOOK PLACE AND
>was begun. This agreement which was an accommodation to you, did infact
>create a NEW customer/business agreement and situation that Ancestry was
>aware of and they knew that it was to their benefit and it was what you
>legally agree to. In essence, you didn't continue the first initial
>agreement that was going on; it was cancelled by the "the accommodation to
>you", the one you agreed to and began anew (the second one) which allowed
> to adapt their NEW policy to, and it was agreed upon;
>contracts...verbal agreements are just a binding as written ones.

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