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From: Terry <>
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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:15:30 -0400
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Unfortunately, I don't think that it's a joke. We're in the middle of
a legal battle in trying to get our money back from
Fortunately, when I singed up with them they had a feature that
allowed you to choose if you wanted to automatically renew or not (I
chose not to and had printed out their T&C's and my screen window of
my account). We are filing charges of fraud against Ancestry. com
because when they called before our subscription was due to expire, I
also told the rep that I was not interested. The rep offered to
extend the subscription service by 4 months (why? I didn't know at
that time). When the extension ran out....they automatically withdrew
money from our account. What we came to find out was that by giving
us an extension cancelled the old account info (which
contained the fact that I didn't want auto-renewal) and created a new
account which does NOT have this feature. We came to find out that did away with giving a subscribers a choice some time
back. I don't want to tie up people's time, but someone here posted
that they paid by check. EXCELLENT IDEA! Do NOT give
your CC informaiton.


On Fri, 14 Jun 2002 20:52:03 GMT, (Genee)

>I have been having fun with the 1930 Census. I certainly hope you're
>joking! Since my above post I have acquired a 'stalker' who emails me
>lectures on reading the fine print etc., etc., etc., etc. I wasn't
>even the complainer! Let me know if you get some too.
>The Cranky Genee

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