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From: "Rhonda Houston" <>
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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 09:19:33 -0500

If what you say is true, that this 'service' can be read in the fine print,
and if the customer reads his/her fine print, then, this would have been
known; a convenience to the customer. Obviously, it pays to read the fine
print. Rhonda Houston

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"John J." <> wrote in message
> Surprise! In the fine print, they announce that they will keep on
> billing your credit card each year, without contacting you.

This is untrue. They DO contact you, within enough time to cancel the
renewal (at least 2 weeks in advance as I recall). AND in that contact, they
explicitly explain that they will automatically renew unless you respond.
They tell you EXACTLY how to respond if you wish to cancel the renewal.

Of course, they can't make you read your e-mail.

Elizabeth Richardson
Ketchikan, Alaska

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