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From: (Kimber)
Subject: Re: World Family Tree Look Up?
Date: 15 Jun 2002 18:19:23 GMT
References: <aeftq1$mk1$>

>From: "Lesley Robertson"

>If I can add a note of caution since you said that you are not familiar with
>this series, the WFT discs are made up of user-submitted family trees.

Thanks Lesley! I kind of thought this was the case, and recently someone sent
me some information from this tree in particular, only some details were left
out such as birth places. I was hoping someone would be able to provide me
information regarding that tree, as Gary did, so I could see if there was any
info not provided the first time.

I am pretty new at all of this...after 5 years I still don't know everything I
need to, and I am finding new ways to search every day, so I thank you for
sharing this information with me!


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