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Subject: Re: Lewis Conklin, b. late 1800's, d. early 1950's, Morris Co., NJ
Date: 29 May 2002 13:38:24 GMT
References: <ad0h3a$tl5$>, <ad0sp9$ssot5$>, <>

Someone who looks an awful lot like IanG <> wrote:
> wrote in message news:<ad0sp9$ssot5$>...
>> Someone who looks an awful lot like Kelv <> wrote:
>> > Yes, in the sixteenth century. Today, as has been the case for many years,
>> True, but if I had an ancestor in that time and place, I'd give the location
>> of their (event) as Town, Wales, England, and include the standard note

> At a push, you could possibly claim this if we were talking about the
> 1500s or 1600s. But the period we're talking about appears to be the

Yes, that was the "that time and place" that I was referring to.

> If you really felt the need to qualify where Wales was, then "Wales in
> Britain" or "Wales in the UK" would both have been correct during that
> period.

Well, the more precision the better, right? Why let some future generation
have to figure it out?


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