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From: "SkyNet News" <>
Subject: Re: WARNING - Dangerous messages from Hertfordshire
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 17:02:53 GMT
References: <ad0a49$t741j$>, <wmOI8.47323$>, <UyOI8.1649$>

Obviously the correct approach is a good antiviral program and keeping
signatures current. But it does little harm to add one little item like that
as another tool in the armory.

Incidentally most mail clients send serial and if the first address, pops up
an error and freezes the send as Outlook would, it offers the opportunity to
stop further sends if that message does pop up.That would of course assume
all the addresses were put into the single a-mail. Multiple messages would
still be queued but one would get a warning.

All I was saying is adding this one more simple trick adds another tool, it
certainly is not a panacea, nor indeed is anything else. Sorry I didn't make
that clear

MickG :)

"Rick J" <> wrote in message
> "SkyNet News" <> wrote in message
> news:wmOI8.47323$...
> > Just try it! Certainly in Outlook and Outlook Express attempting to
> send to
> > that address does pop up an error warning that the address is invalid
> thus
> > any viruses that tries to use every address in your address book
> *will*
> > cause that error box to pop up whatever urban legends sites say.
> Mick,
> I think you misunderstood the point that was made. What you say is true
> but:
> The virus under discussion doesn't send to ALL in Address Book, it picks
> one or more names at random. So your suggestion doesn't prevent that.
> If it is a virus that sends to all you WILL as you say get a warning but
> the message will probably go to all other addressees, so you will know
> what happened but it WILL have happened.
> Further with the virus under discussion, it selects YOUR name from
> somebody else's address book and Emails using you as the sender. Then
> the person who receives is likely to blame you. Or if the attempt to
> send fails (and it will sometimes depending on the SMTP server) you will
> get a puzzling message about undeliverable Email that you never sent In
> this case, of course, your suggestion doesn't work.
> No harm in your suggestion and no harm in the similar suggestion that
> you include your own EMail address in your address book. But either
> suggestion will ONLY warn you AFTER the event and neither helps at all
> with the KLEZ virus.
> .

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