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From: Singhals <>
Subject: Re: Is it worth it?
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 14:49:04 -0500
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dnc in tennessee wrote:
> I guess what I am asking is , is a $129 subscription for one
> year to the whole site something I might regret?

Maybe. Maybe not.

What *exactly* do you get for the annual subscription that you
can't get on a 3 month subscription? You might want to try it
for 3 months, or take one of their free-trial offers, just to see
what you're getting.

Back when they offered each new database free for 21 days, I
rarely found anything on those that was useful.

The on-line census indices, which I access via a local library's
subscription, has given a reference on about 50% of the names I'm
hunting (given name + surname combo). It has missed a few because
someone misread the name or mistyped it, or something. The
search I did for someone in TN turned up negative, but I have yet
to discover whether the family wasn't in TN or if the database is
wrong. (g)

The databases appear to be heavily New England. There isn't much
in there, other than the census, for Virginia, Maryland, or
Georgia. The Blue'n'Gray stuff isn't impressive, there are
several MUCH better sites with an easier payment plan, including
several that are flat-out free.

But -- all that is from at least two years ago; abt 2 years ago I
quit going there monthly and sometime between then and now they
seem to have eliminated the freebies.

Bottom line? Yeah, you may regret spending the money, but then
again, you may also regret NOT spending it. Hard for anyone else
to say.


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