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From: (dnc in tennessee)
Subject: Re: Is it worth it?
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 23:41:23 GMT
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I guess what I am asking is , is a $129 subscription for one
year to the whole site something I might regret?

Or am I penny pinching here?


On The Date Of Fri, 08 Feb 2002 15:39:21 -0500, Mike Curtis
<> Wrote The Followng:

->dnc in tennessee wrote:
->> Please give some guidance if you can.
->I have never actually subscribed to, though I
had access to
->their database for a year. This came about as a result of
donating money
->to Rootsweb shortly before they were acquired by Ancestry.
Donors were
->given free access to the database as a result. The time
period may have
->been based on the amount that had been donated to
Rootsweb, but I don't
->know that for a fact.
->One major benefit I had was that Ancestry never had my
credit card
->number so they couldn't auto-renew my membership. I really
dislike that
->policy. My magazine subscriptions don't do it, my
genealogy society
->memberships don't do it, nowhere else in my life am I
auto-renewed for
->anything. It is the primary reason I am not an Ancestry
subscriber right
->now. If you decide to sign on the dotted line, read the
->policy very carefully. You may want to read some old
threads on this
->topic too - they won't be hard to find because it comes up
all the time.
->Is it worth the price? That depends on what you are
looking for. I can
->tell you that in one year's time I never took a single
name or date from
->any of their databases to add to my genealogy database. So
did I get
->anything out of it? You bet! I collected tons of stuff
from the PERSI
->database, then had a field day when I went to the Allen
County Public
->Library in Fort Wayne, IN.
->I found a couple of listings for my third great
grandfather Edwin HYDE
->related to his Civil War activity. Because of this
information I was
->able to find the 1890 NY Civil War Veterans Schedule and
find him on it.
->I also was able to use the information to send to NARA for
his pension
->file. From that I ended a 20 year quest (mostly my aunt's
- not mine) to
->identify my third great grandmother's maiden name. NONE of
->information came directly from the Ancestry database, but
it ALL came
->about because of the clues I did find there.
->These are just two of many examples where I found clues
through Ancestry
->that ultimately furthered my research. I want to emphasize
the word
->CLUES here. There were no original records in Ancestry's
database at the
->time (pre-digitized census). If you are comfortable adding
->to your genealogy based on database transcriptions, you
will be happy
->with Ancestry. If you want to use the database to find
helpful clues you
->will be happy. If you expect to find original records so
you don't have
->to make a trip to the courthouse you will be very
disappointed. They
->aren't there.
->Would I sign up again someday? Maybe. I would include the
->subscription if I did so. Ancestry may have to change some
of their
->policies before I jump in again though.
->Two other comments come to mind...
->First, I am taking a very parochial (American) view in my
comments here.
->I have heard many people from other countries say the
databases within
->Ancestry aren't very helpful. I can't comment on that.
->Second, you say that you wish you could try out a few
searches to see
->what you get before actually buying. Many libraries have
->to AncestryPlus. I know many if not all public libraries
in Michigan do
->(at least in the metro Detroit area). I know the library
in Greenville,
->SC does. I don't know about places in Tennessee, which is
where I assume
->you are from. If you are near Knoxville, Chatanooga,
Nashville or
->Memphis you might want to check with libraries in those
areas. Try it
->out then decide for yourself.
->Good luck.
->Mike Curtis

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