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From: Turlough <>
Subject: Re: New Haven to NYC Railroad 1900
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 19:57:03 -0400
References: <9j51qj$2d76$>

Rob Stieglitz wrote:
> Anyone familiar with the railroad in NYC Connecticut area circa
> 1900? I found a clue that may lead my family from NYC to Mount
> Vernon to New Haven Connecticut. My family lived at 732 Amsterdam
> (and at various addresses in the area on Columbus) Avenue in 1900.
> The relatives I found on baptismal records may have lived in the
> New Haven, Connecticut area at that time. Was there a easy
> connection from New Haven through Mount Vernon, NY and the West
> Side of Manhattan at that time? Would it have been too expensive
> for the "common man" to travel that way? Round trip all in one day?
> If anyone has any information I would appreciate it!

I live in the New Haven area, Rob. NYC is only about 90 miles from here
and even today, many folks take the train for a day or night in the city
rather than driving. Email me if you'd like and I'll see if I can help


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