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From: Dennis Lee Bieber <>
Subject: Re: Replying To A Message
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 09:02:09 -0700
References: <T3N17.4728$>, <003e01c10902$ed3a73a0$073f0ecf@ajb>

On 9 Jul 2001 23:44:52 -0600, (A. John Birkholz)
declaimed the following in soc.genealogy.misc:

> If you do in fact have a clickable link in my "Re: Replying To A Message"
> messages to "Re: Has RootsWeb Review gone berserk?" then I have an unknown
> virus or they are coming from somewhere else.
I'm afraid I have to add evidence that you are incorrect. I just
tracked back to the first message on this thread -- your name, dated the

Turned on "view headers" and found

hdr> From: (A. John Birkholz)
hdr> Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.misc
hdr> Subject: Replying To A Message
hdr> Date: 7 Jul 2001 23:41:53 -0600
hdr> Organization:, Inc. News
hdr> Lines: 19
hdr> Sender:
hdr> Message-ID: <002101c10770$2f9351c0$>
hdr> References: <T3N17.4728$>
hdr> NNTP-Posting-Host:

Clicking on the contents of that references: header put me into
alt.genealogy (on a message cross-posted to alt.genealogy and
soc.genealogy.misc) starting:

hdr> From: "johnf" <>
hdr> Newsgroups: alt.genealogy,soc.genealogy.misc
hdr> References: <>
<> <>
<9i4j4a$5j9$> <>
<9i4vmu$6ra$> <>
<9i6fr5$nh2$> <>
<9i7e1c$r3r$> <>
hdr> Subject: Re: Has RootsWeb Review gone berserk?

Note the subject?

In Agent, all those reference: and message-id: headers are

Based upon the reference line, you do appear to have started the
"Replying to..." thread by hitting "reply" to a different thread, and
then changing the subject line. Your newsreader "knew" you had hit
reply, and inserted the reference line to the original message, even if
you had wiped out all contents in the body region. Newsreaders that use
reference lines for threading would then have displayed your new subject
as part of the old "has rootsweb..." thread.

No virus... normal behavior for a newsreader. A true "new
message" has no reference: headers, follow-ups/replies get a reference
to the parent message (and most newsreaders will chain all the
references from that message too, as the second quote shows, so the
entire chain of discussion can be rebuilt).

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