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From: Robert Heiling <>
Subject: Re: Has RootsWeb Review gone berserk?
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2001 10:46:22 -0700
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"Richard A. Pence" wrote:

> "Robert Heiling" <> wrote in message
> news:...
> > "Richard A. Pence" wrote:
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> > You don't suffer from a lack of poor analogies. What
> > if your mother had observed an impurity in that ice
> > cream? or broken glass? Should she have remained
> > silent? What if a company were handing out dangerous
> > toys to children. Should nobody say anything?
> Well, talk about your poor analogies.

I see. The best defense is an offense and to avoid the issue. Just
because something is "free" does not mean that it is harmless or isn't a
worthless waste of time & effort. Let's try to use a little common

> In what possible way
> can a web site pose a danger to you?

Do you mean "danger" as in 911 call? or are you realistic enough to
agree that real and potential lost time & effort is a "danger" also?

> > Besides! There's a buck in it for Ancestry/Rootsweb
> > or they wouldn't be doing it.
> That wasn't the question. It is whether it is your buck.

Yes, it's mine and that of others like me.

> > What you are talking about is not "free" and there is
> > competition in the field. But that's another whole topic.
> If it is not free, then perhaps you can tell me how much it
> has been costing you to get the forums at RW or Ancestry?

Your definition of "free" seems to be situational, as in "situational
ethics". Just reading your mind, I assume that you mean that there is
no subscription charge for those?

However, how much of my monthly DSL & ISP charges should I allocate to
those? Assuming my time has value, how much of that should I allocate
after determining an hourly rate? How much of my time has been wasted
fixing broken bookmarks etc this past week?

> <snip>
> Naturally, you chose to avoid the point again. The point was
> that what is "bad form" is blaming someone for something
> they are not responsible for

Then it hasn't been established that there was "bad form" since the
responsibility has not as yet been determined. The jury is still out.

> and complaining when something
> free doesn't suit you.

You sure are fixated on "free" and have been preaching that
free=good=beyond reproach etc. Do you return all that junk mail with
free offers?<vbg>

Let me just say very seriously that the Ancestry message boards as a
piece of computer software have no value whatsoever until people post.
It's the posters who create any value there.

> Whether I disagree with you isn't
> pertinent.

Then why have you been disagreeing?<lol>

> Regards,
> Richard


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