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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: Re: Has RootsWeb Review gone berserk?
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 12:24:16 -0400
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"Robert Heiling" <> wrote in message
> "Richard A. Pence" wrote:

> > All I can say Bill
> The name is Bob.

That's what happens when you post at 4 a.m. without morning
coffee. Sorry.

> You don't suffer from a lack of poor analogies. What
> if your mother had observed an impurity in that ice
> cream? or broken glass? Should she have remained
> silent? What if a company were handing out dangerous
> toys to children. Should nobody say anything?

Well, talk about your poor analogies. In what possible way
can a web site pose a danger to you?

> Besides! There's a buck in it for Ancestry/Rootsweb
> or they wouldn't be doing it.

That wasn't the question. It is whether it is your buck.

> What you are talking about is not "free" and there is
> competition in the field. But that's another whole topic.

If it is not free, then perhaps you can tell me how much it
has been costing you to get the forums at RW or Ancestry?

> > But, hey, I guess this week is the anniversary of
> > our nation's birthday and as an American you have
> > the right to bitch all you want, huh?

> > Maybe so, but I consider it bad form.

> I see. My observations (or those of anyone who doesn't
> agree with you) are bitching & bad form. Rather insulting,
> but I thank you for the fact that at least you didn't hurl
> vulgar obscenities at me.

Nor have I ever hurled them at anyone, if that is what you
are implying.

Naturally, you chose to avoid the point again. The point was
that what is "bad form" is blaming someone for something
they are not responsible for and complaining when something
free doesn't suit you. Whether I disagree with you isn't


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