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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: Re: Has RootsWeb Review gone berserk?
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 03:33:11 -0400
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"Robert Heiling" <> wrote in message
> You in a bad mood today Dick?

Yes, Bob, I was. Sorry, but I usually get that way whenever I see
people unfairly blame someone for something that is in all
likelihood not their fault or beyond their control. This is one of
those times.

> Yeah yeah. What a marvelous coincidence. Wild theory, but
> now a second person has reported the problem. Does he also
> have a bad message?

Possibly, or some other ISP problem.

Bill Phillips, the first one to report the problem, told me in an
e-mail last night that his problem has cleared up. He also said
that he began receiving multiple copies after a "message blackout"
at his ISP over the July 4th holiday and that he suspects his
problem was ISP-related. Sorry about that.

I don't know about Patrick. He received 8 copies each of RWR and
ML this week.

I can confirm what I told you in my first message. As much fun as
you are having blaming Jake Gehring and his people, he has nothing
to do with the ML and RWR mailing lists. No changes have been made
recently in how the mailing lists for these two publications are

I have posted separately a message containing an article from
RootWeb Review last October about the possible reasons for
receiving multiple copies. The last paragraph is pertinent to our

--- quote ----
On even rarer occasions, a problem will develop in the e-mail
delivery system at the recipient's end, resulting in multiple
deliveries -- sometimes dozens or hundreds of copies. It is
unlikely that you will experience this, but if you do, keep the
copies and forward maybe a half-dozen of them to the system
administrator at your ISP so that person can analyze the routing
information and perhaps identify and resolve the problem. If that
person needs help finding the problem, s/he can send an SOS to
---- end quote ----

Obviously the anomoly both Bill and Patrick experienced this week
has happened before and has been investigated.

> I call them as I see them. Price isn't a factor in that.

All I can say Bill is that if you are unhappy with what happened,
perhaps you should demand your money back. <g> Whenever people
complain about something that hasn't cost them anything - and
presumably has been helpful to them or enjoyable - I always
remember the lesson my mother taught me when I was about 5 or 6.
The local co-op creamery was having its annual free ice cream day
at the park. When the volunteer dished up my free cone he sorta
missed a full scoop and I began to complain that I didn't get very
much. I got a quick ride home and was grounded with these words:
"When someone gives you something free, you smile and say thank
you. You don't complain."

But, hey, I guess this week is the anniversary of our nation's
birthday and as an American you have the right to bitch all you
want, huh?

Maybe so, but I consider it bad form.


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