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From: "Richard A. Pence" <>
Subject: Re: Has RootsWeb Review gone berserk?
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 02:46:37 -0400
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The following appeared in RootsWeb Review in October and is posted
here for those who may be having mailing problems relating to
Missing Links or RootsWeb Review.

Do you receive the same number of multiple copies of every message
from a particular mailing list? If this happens every time
probably there is more than one e-mail address for you on the
list. Perhaps you have a new e-mail provider but neglected to
unsubscribe your previous address from the list. Perhaps your
e-mail provider changed the form of your address, for example,
from to , and both work. Now both
addresses are subscribed to the list, so you receive two copies of
every message instead of one. Whether or not the cause is known,
advise the list administrator of such a problem by sending an
e-mail message to [LISTNAME]-. For example, if
the problem is with
, then send the message to

ROOTSWEB REVIEW and MISSING LINKS use the same distribution list.
Before the weekly distribution of the two e-zines, each of which
is sent to the distribution list one time and one time only, a
program is run that removes duplicate e-mail addresses from the
list. Therefore, if you receive more than one copy of both of the
e-zines, it is almost certain that there are
multiple e-mail addresses for you on the list. If you receive the
same number of duplicate copies every week for at least three
weeks in a row, you can be reasonably sure this is the case.

If you know that you have more than one e-mail address that might
be on the list, then log on at the address(es) at which you would
least like to receive the e-zines and send e-mail to
, which will remove the
address from which you are writing, if it is on the list. You will
receive a message from an autoresponder advising either that the
removal was accomplished or that the address was not on the list
and so was not removed.

If you lack access to an address from which you continue to
receive mail, then send a note to rootsweb-review-
advising which e-mail address should be removed
from the list. Once in a while you might receive an extra copy or
two of one e-zine but not the other. This tells you that
some anomaly occurred after one of the e-zines left RootsWeb -- a
solar storm or some other electrical disturbance, perhaps.
RootsWeb has no control over the transmission once it has been
sent, so there is no reason to notify RootsWeb. Please use the
delete key to dispense with any extra copies.

On even rarer occasions, a problem will develop in the e-mail
delivery system at the recipient's end, resulting in multiple
deliveries -- sometimes dozens or hundreds of copies. It is
unlikely that you will experience this, but if you do, keep the
copies and forward maybe a half-dozen of them to the system
administrator at your ISP so that person can analyze the routing
information and perhaps identify and resolve the problem. If that
person needs help finding the problem, s/he can send an SOS to

ROOTSWEB REVIEW: RootsWeb's Genealogy News Vol. 3, No. 43, 25
October 2000,
Circulation: 706,746+ (c) 1998-2000, Inc. ROOTSWEB REVIEW and MISSING LINKS are
free, weekly
e-zines Editors: Julia M. Case and Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG.

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