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From: Bud Crosgrey <>
Subject: Re: Dumb Newbie Question
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 10:35:34 -0800

Cynthia M. Van Ness wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Margaret J. Olson wrote:
> > Let me play devil's advocate ...
> [good explanation snipped]
> > Second ... if this person is saying "Will you all go to your library and
> > copy everything you can find on Williamson" they are asking you to do
> > their research. If they say "I need the pages from Dills History of
> > Greene County, Ohio, would someone with access to that book be so kind
> > as to look up and send me pages 22-35 and any others mentioning the
> > Haines family" they've already done some research and need help in getting
> > copies from sources. If Dills is unindexed, they've really done research
> > if they know the page numbers!
> Just one problem in this otherwise excellent explanation of why someone
> might be posting demand after demand. I believe that every American is
> served by a public library in some form or another, even if it is a small
> county branch that, in a big county, is a *long* drive away. (Perhaps
> there really are counties with zero public libraries--I'd like to hear how
> common this is.)
> Of course these small rural libraries in *your* state don't have any
> genealogical materials pertaining to *my* state, so librarians solved
> this problem decades ago with a system called interlibrary loan (ILL), in
> which a library that doesn't own a certain title can borrow it from one
> that does.
> If a researcher is that savvy that she knows the author, title, and page
> numbers of the material she needs, as per Margaret's example, chances are
> high that anywhere in the US she can telephone her local library and place
> an interlibrary loan request. Rural librarians are painfully conscious of
> the fact that they can meet only some of their users' information needs
> and are therefore experienced in making use of ILL. They might even
> request the copies and mail them out with a small bill for photocopying
> expenses, eliminating the necessity for a trip to the library.
> Therefore, (big surprise) my sympathies are with the original author. I,
> too, see certain newsgroup regulars posting demand after demand for
> look-ups, with little evidence of ever making use of offline resources
> such as ILL or LDS family history centers, or even the phone call or
> written request to a repository.
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I'm sort of a newbie to the net and I haven't asked anyone for a look up
yet other than volunteers that will give data off their CD's and then
only twice did I ask.

I do however post family names that I am searching and in the last 3
weeks have got data from three different and unknow relatives think what
a happy camper I am
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