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Subject: Re: Dumb Newbie Question
Date: 9 Dec 1998 08:33:28 GMT

I misundertood your question when I answered
previously. Sorry. I *am* possibly a good
person to answer this question becuase I spent
a long time of convalescnence during an
illness. Genealogy on the Internet was a great
escape for me.

I *was,* I think cautious about how many
questions I asked and how many "favors" I
asked for. If I asked for a "favor"- and
I only remember asking for the favor of
"would you photocopy" something for me
only once, and that as of a librarian
who was talking across the country to another
genealogy librarian who could not release
the book I was trying to find with my relatives'
name in it. I asked if I could possible get
a photo copy of the *one* page of the book,
since it was unlendable.

A lot of it has to do with *attitude.*
Believe me, if the person you are talking
about is making a pest of herself online,
*yoiu* won't *have* to do a thing.
She will either get absolutely *no*
reasction to her questions and requests.
OR, she will get nasty emails! It seems to
me that you don't have to do a thing.

If it has "gone on long enouhg," or if you
are getting emails complaining about this person,
then you can speak up. Even if she is a
basic headache to everyone, I would vote for
the First Amendment before I took any
drastic action.

Does anyone else have an opinion?


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