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From: Marjorie Nelson <>
Subject: Re: Identify this cause of death???
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 13:55:31 -1000

> In article <50oipa$>, says...
> >
> >Can anyone decipher these cause's of death into english (i.e. non
> doctorial
> >terms :-)) and suggest possible cause's of the desease were possible?
> >
> >1. Myocardial Ischaemia
> >2. Coronary Thrombosis (heart attack??)
> >3. Arteriosclerosis
> >4. Neteriue ????our Jandice
> >
> >Thanks and Best Wishes
> >Kylie Lacey
> >Sydney, Australia

1. Myocardial ischaemia means lack of blood flow to the heart muscle
(usually as a result of a clot or other blockage in a heart artery).
2. Coronary thrombosis means a blood clot in a coronary (heart) artery.
It is often referred to as a 'heart attack'.
3. Ateriosclerosis means 'hardening of the arteries' - often listed as a
cause of death in an elderly person for whom there was no obvious other
4. Neteriue???our Jandice is a bit more of a puzzle. It probably refers to
some kind of jaundice. Jaundice is a sign of some derangement of the liver
or the bile duct which connects the liver with the duodenum (part of the
digestive tract just below the stomach). A person with jaundice develops a
deep yellow or orange coloring to the skin and whites of the eyes. They may
also have orange urine as the body tries to get rid of the bile products that
way. Many things can cause jaundice but I can't link your first word with
anything definite. If you can e-mail me with more details perhaps I can

Marjorie Nelson

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