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From: "Annie, The WritingTeacher" <>
Subject: [DNA] You might meet in Berkeley at Spengler's Seafood restaurant
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 12:17:59 -0700

If you want to form a San Francisco branch, you might meet at Spengler's
fish grotto in Berkeley. That would be only a 1 1/2 hours ride on the train
for me, and a noon meeting, for example, for lunch there could include a
visit to the anthro museum at UC Berkeley or something, a speaker, and the
Berkeley crowd because there are tons of people interested and researching
DNA there at their famous anthropo genetics labs, depts, and museums. Also,
it's a watering hole so to speak for the N. CA community and easy to reach
for us non-drivers and other senior citizens in the area.

For example, Mystery Writers of America, meets there monthly at Spenglers.
You could have a private room to lunch and a good microphone and podium for
the speakers at Spenglers, at it's nice and close to the train station so
people from all over CA can come there without getting in clogged traffic.

In any case, just thought I'd mention it. If it were in the daytime, I'd
come there as the climate is pleasant all year round. Anyway, you might
contact potential speakers for a conference. That would be fun. Good luck
anyway, whatever you choose anywhere. The reason I suggested Berkeley is
because it has a huge crowd of people interested in DNA from students to
retirees who worked in anthropo-genetics at UC Berkeley presently and in the
past. (I was there as a student in 1960 but graduated on the East Coast

Best, Annee H.

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