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From: S J <>
Subject: [GENBOX] How do I display Residency Date/Place on Charts?
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 13:55:14 +0000

Thanks very much David and Wim for the time spent on looking at this and replying to my posting.

I've been playing around with the various Genbox settings this morning and you are both spot on with your answers.
i.e. The Residency must be recorded as a Family event.

I can now show Residency details on an 'Everyone' chart, but there are a couple of points I'd like to make-

1. I recorded 2 residencies for my father - One before he married and the 2nd after he married.
The 2nd date/place of residence was shown on the Everyone chart (as I'd recorded this as a 'Famil' event).
However, I can't see any way that I can show his 1st residence- the address where he lived on his own as a single man.

2. I have a cousin who has never married and lives alone. I can't see any way of showing his residence on an Everyone chart.

Well, again thank you so much for the time you've both spent on this and I'll continue exploring this fantastic Genbox program!



Hi David and Stef,

It appears that's the case when you choose the Everyone Basic Chart.
But I did a test with an Everyone Blue and Related Basic and was able
to include individual-only residencies on the chart too.

Stef, in the Chart Option windows there a several options that deal
with couple/family/spouse boxes: on the Layout-tab (Single Box for
Couples) and on the Details-tab (Family Box Pairs - Duplicate Spouse
You might want to experiment with that too.
Also, when you make the Residency a "Basic Event Type", it will change
the display order of the event, plus it saves you from having to tick
the Residency-box in Chart Options every time


2011/10/29 David Fretwell <

> Hi Stef,
> Wims right - if you don't include the spouse, then the residency won't show
> David
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