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From: Kathy <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] What's in a name
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 15:02:42 -0400
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Rich Marek wrote:
> Kathy. what bugs do you feel affect you?

I long ago gave up itemizing all the glitches when I realized they were
never going to be fixed, so I can't cite chapter and verse. But here is
my experience, as I recall:

It is imposible for me to generate any report or chart without having to
spend a half hour cleaning it up. Keep in mind that I use only the most
basic reports that any genealogy program should be able to produce
flawlessly: family group sheets, pedigree charts, outline descendant
reports, ancestor charts, and convergent charts.

Family group sheets show events even when they're excluded. They
erroneously link children to their godparents (or vice versa, I can't
remember which). Another user reported this latter problem on the list
years ago. There are other problems that I can't remember.

Pedigree charts probably function as they were intended, but the
wrapping of information makes it hard to read. Most genealogy software
separates the event info into separate lines, e.g., birthdate and
birthplace on separate lines, so they can be more easily read.

The outline descendant report duplicates information by listing a
person's marriage in different lines. It also lists marriages to people
not even in that descendancy. It randomly arranges the information in a
different order acros different people in the report, i.e., sometimes
the death date is listed first and the death place second, sometimes
it's the other way around. I reported this years ago.

Ancestor charts worked fine when I purchased the program. Then a number
of years back some users demanded changes. Now every time I generate an
ancestor chart, one branch of my family is screwed up, and I have to
manually rearrange the boxes.

Convergent charts are all messed up. They show spouses even when "omit
spouses" is checked. They randomly unlink people who are clearly linked
in the data, and more. This was all reported on this list several years
ago by another user.

I use all these reports to communicate information to relatives. Having
to manually edit all of them seriously interferes with my productivity.
There are many other glitches in the software, such as clicking on a
name or ID in a list taking me to the wrong person, ibids notworking
properly, and more, but the reports bugs are the ones that seriously
interfere with my efficiency. What's most irritating is that most of
these glitches were introduced in updates after I purchased the program.

Does that answer your question?

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