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From: "Denise L. Moss-Fritch" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] What's in a name
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 10:58:38 -0700
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Morning CheriC and Rich,

While I too have other genealogy database programs (which I rarely even
open), Genbox is my main application. And yes, I too keep track of Bill's
progress posts. However, with all the tantalizing posts from Bill I would
like a hint about the overall progress of version 4. Besides, as I am
testing the Genbox to Pocket Genealogist connection and use, when Bill does
release version 4 that will mean major changes to Pocket Genealogist to
accommodate version 4, and fresh work for me with testing.



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Subject: Re: [GENBOX] What's in a name

Rich - I'll wait with you. CheriC

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On 10/21/2010 6:01 PM, Kathy wrote:
I too have wondered about the future of Genbox which seems ironic since we
genealogists focus on the past. I do have a new license for RootsMagic and
Legacy. They just do not satisfy my needs for what I want to do with my
data. Wizards just confuse me even more... how do I work with Source
Citations that fit a standard that I don't wish to use. (I error towards
Paul's idea of many many many sourves. I want to use the capabilities of the
computer database.) ((I don't feel it is an error))

Kathy. what bugs do you feel affect you? I will continue to use Genbox
through Bill's work on V4 and I never have gotten the idea behind other
program's idea of customizable "first screens" to enter data. I enter the
data from a single source. No more no less.
I will wait.


> Douglas Slater wrote:
>> Yes Bill - Any projection at all? I have been telling my friends and
family to
>> NOT purchase GENBOX since it appears to be in limbo. I haven't seen
>> any
>> on this in years. Mind you, I like GENBOX, but I cannot tell anyone
>> else
>> start using it since there seems to be no guarantee that any updates
>> are
>> worked. It has even crossed my mind to move to another application,
>> but
>> shear volume of work to do the conversion is keeping me in
>> GENBOX...for
> My thoughts exactly. Five years ago I was happy to recommend Genbox.
> Now, given its incredible bugginess and its uncertain future, I can no
> longer recommend it. I, too, have considered moving on... More
> knowledge about my options (i.e., plans for Genbox) would help with
> making that decision.
> Kathy

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