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From: "Denise L. Moss-Fritch" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] New Computer
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2010 16:53:08 -0700
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Both Marc and Geir have valid points. When you said you copied your files to
the new computer, did you mean your data files?

You will need to download and install Genbox on your new computer. You will
also need to add your registration code.

You can simply transfer your Genbox database files (your <database name>.gdb
file). However, where did you place all your media files? You will need to
move those too.

Both Vista and Win7 did not place data files in the same folder as the
program. So, do not move your database or media files to the Genbox folder.
Instead, you might want to great a Genbox folder in your MyDocuments folder.
You can identify the media location and Restore open databases from the
Operations tab (View > Preferences).



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Subject: [GENBOX] New Computer

I had no problems when running Genbox on my old computer with Windows XP
Pro. I copied the files onto a flash drive and onto my new computer that
runs Windows 7. I cannot open the files which are apparently not
by the new OS. What to do? Do I have to upgrade to Windows Ultimate where
can go into XP Mode? Is there any other way to do this besides spending
bucks for the upgrade? Any help would be much appreciated.

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