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From: Kathy <>
Subject: [GENBOX] French place name hierarchy
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 18:42:40 -0500

I've got some French place names that have more parts to them than are
available in Genbox's place name hierarchy. Example:

Local site Kirsch blacksmith shop
Township Nousseviller-lès-Bitche
Canton de Volmunster
County Arrondissement de Sarreguemines
Province Département de la Moselle
Country France

So far, I've been leaving out the canton because it seems to be the
least important jurisdiction. I don't want Nousseviller-lès-Bitche as a
local place because then the village (the most important piece of
information) won't appear in the reports in which I don't include local
site detail. Has anyone else figured out a way to deal with such a


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