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From: "Spencer Field" <>
Subject: [GENBOX] Include transcript from evidence page in report.
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 22:46:32 -0600
References: <><005901c89858$99189c10$cb49d430$><005c01c899ee$89564e20$0100a8c0@BILLXP>

On page 139 of the users manuel it says---

The Evidence page is where actual text from the source can be entered .-----You can automatically include it in your printed reports.

I have transcribed an obituary in the 'sources' page, 'evidence' tab and checked the 'transcript' radio button. I am unable to get it print in an Individual Narative Report > Basic in either the citations or the main report. If I put it in the 'General notes' for the death event, it prints fine and in the proper place. I would like to leave the transcript in the evidence page and print it from there. If this is not possible, am I going to have problems at a later date by puting it in the general notes for the death event?

Any help appreciated.

Spencer Field

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