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Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Is Genbox up to the challenge?
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2008 16:28:56 +0000

Good Day Andre,

Bill is very likely the only one who could answer your question, however typically software release is not announced before the developer decides the application is ready. All too often fixing one bug creates several others.

The Silicon Valley company where I work is installing the new release (two applications for treatment and about 30+ applications for patient planning/management/scheduling from four development teams worldwide) this month. Management and product marketing want the release 'immediately'. Development is scrambling to fix the major bugs, with QA doing incremental testing. And, Friday afternoon Regulatory decided the warning messages in the treatment software did not meet FDA and other worldwide regulatory requirements and want the software changed 'immediately'. With the first customer installation scheduled for mid-month (about a week's work for the installers), it is definitely hectic here at the moment.

Most of us are very interested (to put it mildly) in the release of Genbox 4. Unfortunately our rushing Bill will not release the software before he decides the software is ready.



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From: "Andre Switala" <>

> > Legacy and Genbox
> > are in the 'soon to be released' category apparently.
> Is there any guesstimate out there about when a new version of Genbox
> will be released? I tried to look around on the web, but couldn't
> really find anything.
> Andre
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