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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] [offlist] Relationship
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 14:44:17 -0700
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Jim - As a TMG user you should be intimately familiar with the belief that
Bob Velke has that TMG is a "genealogy" program, not a "family history"
program. The proof is in the pudding when you try to make any adoptive
relationship in TMG -- it is next to impossible, especially when an infant
is adopted by a COUPLE because in TMG you simply can't have three principals
to an event.

Hence Phil's remark about TMG users being "genealogists" because that is
what is always tauted.


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> They were TMG users - so genealogists not Family Historians.

That's a silly and ungrounded assertion. And it's hard to maintain your
credibility when you start painting with a broad brush. You're a better
person than that. Why make statements like that?


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