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From: Phil Warn <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Surname import from GEDCOM
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 23:07:44 +0100
References: <op.txbrxhqog14ka7@malcolm-rebuild>
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At 22:13 19/08/2007, Malcolm Austen wrote:

>I use this surname-in-parentheses when I only know a woman's married name,
>it gives more of a clue as to where they fit than leaving it blank. I also
>use the suffix to tag people with their tree branch and generation. If

Good Evening Malcolm,

It seems to be worse than that.

1) I created a two person GEDCOM file in Pedigree
<vbg> - yes a DOS program, folks!

2) I Exported it to a GEDCOM file

3) In GenBox I created a new database and imported the aforesaid GEDCOM file

4) I then exported that file to a (new) GEDCOM file

5) GenBox had not only stripped the parentheses
from the wife's name it also had stripped the post fix data.

The biggest surprise was that the wife had TWO NAME lines thus:-

0 @I2@ INDI
1 NAME Edith //
1 NAME /Bloggs/

The original record for Edith /Bloggs/ looks like this::-

0 @I2@ INDI
1 NAME Edith/(Bloggs)/
1 FAMS @F1@
1 POST :Ag

As Bill is still working on Version 4, it is
probably a good time to have found this "feature"
before it is set loose on us Beta Testers! <ebg>

I suspect that you are unique amongst us GB users! <vbg>

Otherwise the "feature" would have reared its head before.

I'll post this to the Bug List REALLY SOON NOW

Thanks for letting us know Best wishes,


Phil Warn ô¿ô
Genealogists do it backwards
Family Historians take all steps
"The Warn family in Tetbury from 1722"

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