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From: "Malcolm Austen" <>
Subject: [GENBOX] Surname import from GEDCOM
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 22:13:55 +0100

For reasons I don't understand, the GEDCOM line:

1 NAME Edith /(Austen)/ :Aq

is printed so as to imply it was imported as:

1 NAME Edith /Austen/ (:Aq)

I use this surname-in-parentheses when I only know a woman's married name,
it gives more of a clue as to where they fit than leaving it blank. I also
use the suffix to tag people with their tree branch and generation. If
GENBOX were to (wrongly) strip out the parentheses I might just forgive it
but it seems doubly odd to actually move them to the name suffix.

Has anyone any clues as to why (other than a bug) this might be happening?

I could not find anything quite like it reported in the list archives.

= Malcolm.


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