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From: "Paul J. Harris" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Places and their level in Sources and Documents
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 22:44:38 -0400

Hi Rich,

I guess I owe you a response to this. <g>

First of all, let me say that I sincerely appreciate what Elizabeth Mills has done to help define standardized forms of documentation in this field. Any of us who are not completely happy with her work should offer an alternative, but very few would ever step forward. Having said that, I don't always see her citation forms as the BEST form for every situation. Going way back to my developing the census citation method that I passed on to you, I based the output form on the recommended form published by the National Archives because I had to agree with it based on my experience. As you know, I include line numbers in ALL forms of census citations--Mills does not. My reason was based on a record I had in which a single household contained three Mary E. Wards, and the only way to uniquely identify them was by line number.

I guess I am saying that I am not a slave to Mills, but should I choose to follow here format, I should be able to do it in Genbox. I might add that I think Genbox has been the easiest program available to create citation output. Now to your specific case: I think the PLACE information should be appropriately stored in the higher source to avoid duplication in the lower sources since this information is the same for all of the lower sources. I wouldn't want to move this information for that reason. The Place field of the higher source is referenced by the code [PUB PLACE], the equivalent of [DOC PLACE] in the lower source. Sadly, Genbox does not have codes for the components of the PUB PLACE such as [PUB CITY], [PUB COUNTY], or [PUB STATE]. I wonder if [SOURCE PLACE] would be more appropriate, since it can easily be used for place information other than publishing. I might be missing something, but I don't think you can do what you want at this time.

At any rate, Rich, I think we are missing the necessary codes to get at the higher source place information and parse it the way you want. I think we need to petition bill for MORE CODES! darotd (ducking and running out the door)

How about a proposal to Bill? I don't know if he would be willing to quickly add this functionality to 3.7 or if we would have to wait for V4. Any additional thoughts, Rich?


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From: "Richard Marek" <>
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Subject: [GENBOX] Places and their level in Sources and Documents

>Hi all,

>Years ago Paul Harris generously supplied me with the idea to have my Census
>Pages as a Higher Source and then to use the Lower Document in Source for each
>line entry on the Page. Works great, and my compliments to Paul. And then.........

>I purchased the Quicksheet for Online Sources by E. Shown Mills. I looked over her
>models for Census Images and thought, "This shouldn't be too tough to adapt my
>Source Templates to!". Well.... in her model the County and State have "population
>schedule" following them and then the City. Unfortunately, I have put the City,
>County and State in the Place field for the Higher Source (Page) and would now like
>to split the place levels up to follow her model. But, as near as I can figure, the field
>codes for Source Templates allow me to use the separate levels for Places only if
>they are in a Document and not in the Higher Source.

>Am I seeing this fly in my ointment correctly? Will I have to go through every last
>one and move the Place info over to the lower source. I pray this ain't so! Help!


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