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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Age at Marriage
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:32:24 -0700
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I simply took the default marriage event and made it directional and created
some new sentences. For the most part, I use the default sentence but do
use the "directional" sentences when warranted.


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Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Age at Marriage

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Thank you again, Cheri. I hadn't fully realised how flexible the age box on
the event page could be, and I can start using this right away.

As for the General Note box, I think you have pointed the way to the
solution I
wanted, I just need to do a bit more study and work out my strategy. It's
old story of "Try reading the manual" (once you know which bit to read!). I
hadn't woken up to the idea of structuring the note by using field notes
[P1] and [P2] in the General Note of a directional event type.

By the way, did you make all your marriages directional, or create a new
type just for the cases where it was advantageous?


> John - As I pointed out in my earlier post, you can accomplish exactly
> you want by making the marriage event directional, creating sentences for
> each direction, and adding the appropriate extra info in an unused field
> use General Note; you can probably use the Detail field).
> Also note that in the Age field for an event, you can type in anything.
> if you want the words "full age" to appear in the sentence as opposed to a
> numerical value, simply type that into the age box for each person on the
> marriage event and add the age variable to the sentence.
> CheriC
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> Thanks, Denise.
> You're right, the detail box is provided for extra information relating to
> the
> event itself, not the principal(s) or any witnesses. But in a report one
> sometimes to wants to give all the salient points about a marriage (say)
> a
> single sentence, including some particulars of the individuals concerned.
> You
> know the kind of thing:
> "At St Nicholas Church, Nottingham, 29 January 1860, Andrew Stapleton,
> age, bachelor, watchmaker, married Eliza Eason, full age, spinster,
> Castle Gate, daughter of John Eason, malster."
> Actually that's taking it a bit far, even for me, but I'd like to be able
> tack a little bit of individual-related data on to an event. The same
> apply to census events, of course. But I suppose it would be imposing too
> much
> complexity on the software.
> Regards
> John

J E S Driver
London, England
27 Apr 2007, 11:02:15

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