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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: [GENBOX] Naming Files
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 07:36:26 -0800
In-Reply-To: <>

Geoff - I have a folder called Genealogy that is located on my C drive --
C:\Genealogy. I do not like to keep it buried deep in the file structure
because when I backup the folder I have to dig too far plus I just find it
easier to have it at the top of the tree. Within the Genealogy folder, I
keep a subfolder for various family surnames: Anderson, Casper, Derrington,
Johnson, Miner, Allison, etc. In each family surname folder, I have
subfolders for Photos, Documents (scanned images of any type of documents
although this could be subdivided -- in one family I have so many Obits that
I have a separate folder for them), Text (for information such as church
histories, biographies, analyses, etc), Reports (what the name implies),
Family Files (for gedcoms received from others).

I use a consistent naming pattern for items that pretty much matches the
structure of names used in my Source List for Pick Dialog display purposes.

Censuses in the family folders and the Source List are named thusly:
CEN-WEB KY Graves 1850 ANDERSON William Porter. This facilitates sorting
and filtering the Pick Dialog but I find that keeping both the name in the
Source List and the family folders makes it much easier than dealing with
two separate systems. If I looked at a microfilm versus using Ancestry or
Heritage Quest, the census would simply say: CEN KY Graves 1850 ANDERSON
William Porter. So I use (1) type of item, (2) state code (or Chapman
country code), (3) county, (4) year, (5) HoH.

Scanned documents are named something like this: BIO HARRISON Benjamin
(biography); DC WHITES Clyde MO 1925 (death certificate); MARR BARTON Blumer
& WALDRUP Melissa 1885 (marriage record; licenses only are MARRL); MIL-WWI
CANNON Dennis (military record); OB ANDERSON Bobie Lee 2005 (obit); BC
BLACKISTON William Percy (birth certificate). You get the idea.

I have "codes" and sequencing for various types of sources or images. I
keep a list of those "codes" and an explanation of the methodology in a
Project just so it is handy within GenBox. (I tend to use Projects for
storing various types of notes, etc., as well as true Projects as it
simplifies things.)

Incidentally for census images, I find that saving them as a PDF works much
better than a .jpg because of the ability to zoom. Plus I can consolidate
multi-pages documents into a single file by using PDF. Hope this helps.


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