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From: Dave <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] help needed by newbie
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:02:42 +1000
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As an aside to Cheri's response which is in relation to linking
photocopies stored on the pc to various records in Genbox,
could I suggest:

I find Genbox very good in that photo records/pictures are linked to
Genbox from a folder/s of your choice and not inbeded into the software
were they are lost if you ever change your software.

In stting up your folders etc, if say, you have on C/: drive a folder
called Genealogy in which you store your Genbox data files and also sub
folders called eg Census Records, Certificates, Family Photos, Place
Photos etc for storage of these files, you will have two advantages.
1/. The links you create from your Census records etc to Genbox should
never change. (It's a real pain if you have to re do all the links)
2/. When you use Genbox's Backup feature, tick includes sub folders, and
Genbox will backup the whole Genealogy folder, ie data files, photos,
the links you have created and anything else in the Genealogy folder
even if it's not used by Genbox.


Wedderburn wrote:
> By the way, I do see the advantages of Genbox but need to know how to
> proceed. I don't want to make another mistake as to how I store data.
> I have about 1000 images to attach. The majority are census, hence my
> original question as to the "best" way to do this.
> Attach the image to the head of household and the others as witnesses (quick
> fix) or attach the image to all parties and list the head of household and
> also add witnesses to that persons file.
> The original question was more to do with how things would print and if I
> export a gedcom to someone else will they strike the same problem with the
> linked files.
> Gayle

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