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From: Polly Held <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Two Questions
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 16:27:49 -0400
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I was afraid those were going to be the answers. I'm particularly
interested in the ability to do the first operation and hope that
version 4 is on the near horizon. The second is equally as important and
I'm wondering if Mr. Flight might ponder the possibility of someday
working on general notes for witnesses. If it can be programmed into the
database for TMG, I'm assuming a crackerjack programmer such as Mr.
Flight could easily do the same in an Access dBase. :-) Do you
think that flattery was good enough to get him to consider it?? :-)
Polly Held

Cheri Casper wrote:

>Polly - I believe there will be the opportunity to more easily select the
>identifier on an event-by-event basis when version 4 is released. When that
>will be, only Bill knows. You can, however, replace the [P] in any sentence
>in narrative reports with an individual's name or name variant. You can
>access these options by using Ctrl-D, making the appropriate selection, and
>then going to the boxes at the bottom of the page and selecting the name
>which you want to use from the Pick Dialog. You will also find this useful
>when your Notes contain the names of other individuals associated with an
>Event, especially when the Note contains extensive narrative text. By using
>the various [P] codes & their variants, such names will appear in your
>index. I do not believe this name selection process will work for charts
>which only show the person's name once, and that is the birth name.
>As to your second question, no. When you make someone a witness to an
>event, you are not creating a separate event for said witness -- merely a
>link back to the original event. You can, however, put all of the
>information for each member of the household into the General Note for the
>event for the principal and modify your sentences accordingly so that the
>witness sentences contain the [G] variable. This, of course, will output
>*all* information for *everyone* in the household when reports are
>generated. I think what you are specifically wanting is the ability to show
>only the information for *other* individuals in the household and not the
>focus person, unless I am interpreting your question incorrectly.
>My method of including all of the census information is to use the General
>Note for the census Source record. This will then show the citation in
>footnote/endnote form followed by the "data" that was mined from the census.
>Norman McGuire household, 1920 U.S. census, Graves Co., Kentucky, population
>schedule, Symsonia, precinct 24, enumeration district [ED] 101, magisterial
>district 8, page 7-B, farm 168, lines 85-86; National Archives
>micropublication T625, roll 572, online <> (Ann
>Arbor, Michigan: ProQuest Information and Learning Company, 1999-2003),
>data downloaded 31 August 2004. On 23 January 1920, this household included:
>Norman McGuire, head, M, W, 31, married, can read/write, b. KY, father b.
>KY, mother b. KY, farmer on a general farm; Fraud Lee, wife, F, W, 35,
>married, can read/write, b. KY, father b. KY, mother b. KY, not employed.
>I've made each Census event have a Secondary Link of "Other Individual"
>which allows me to link a widowed/single child with a surviving parent, or a
>husband and wife. I do not make the children witnesses but give them their
>own census event. Thus each person will have a foot/endnote that cites the
>census record PLUS includes the data for everyone in the household.
>There are lots of ways to do this and I am sure that you will receive other
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>From: Polly Held [mailto:]
>Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:10 PM
>Subject: [GENBOX] Two Questions
>Some questions for which I believe I already know the answer but I'm
>going to ask for responses anyway.
> First, can we choose name identifiers on an event by event basis for
>purposes of printout on a report or chart (or for any purpose
>whatsoever)? Is there a way to get anything other than the preferred
>name to print on a report - on an event by event basis?
> Second, is there a way to add a general note to a witness to an event
>such as adding the census information for each member of a household to
>each witness's narrative?
>Polly Held
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