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From: Andrew Hough <>
Subject: Date Ordering
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 17:44:09 +0100

I sent the following email a couple of weeks ago but never received a
reply. Any takers...?

I have three events, dated as follows:-

Birth -- 1840
Baptism -- 2 Aug 1840
Birth Registration -- Sep 1840

However, on entering these in Genbox, the Summary page insists on on
sorting them in the order:-

Baptism 1 Aug 1840
Birth 1840
Birth Registration Sep 1840

Any reason why the date of 1840 appears between the other two dates.
Anyone know the logic behind date sorting as I have found a few
illogical sorts?




(PS Still not sorted out why using the construct (<[(Pm)]He was
[G]|[(Pf)]She was [G]|[P-] was [G]>) produces an unwanted space before a
full stop.)

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