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From: "Peggy Baldwin" <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Searching and Grouping
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 12:30:01 -0700
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I understand your frustration. I have left TMG myself and I don't plan to
go back. But, with that said I have been several bolts from GenBox, some
dramatic and some quietly. Don't let anyone tell you GenBox is intuitive.
It's intuitive to those who think like the developer. It's not to those of
who don't. There is a print manual, but it is laid out like programmers tend
to think -- menu item by menu item. I understand that there is some thought
of producing tutorials. Wouldn't that be great! Especially for those of
us who like to solve our confusion on our own. In the meantime, this
group is the best place to get your questions answered. There are some
very knowledgeable, patient people here. If what you are looking for
is an intuitive interface, I think GenBox is easier to use than TMG.
I think GenBox is behind in producing help aids, though. I suspect, once
you understand GenBox that it is easier to use than TMG. It has some
features that are better than TMG. I very much more like the sourcing
and it was easier (I didn't say easy, though) to understand than TMG's.
At this point, I would not consider going back to TMG, but the transition
has not been entirely easy. I also like the way places are structured.

There is a manual available on the Genbox download page. Like I said
above, it's menu item by menu item, which quite often does not answer
my questions, but sometimes it's helpful.

I started by working on converting my sources and got help from people
on this list. Then I worked on research targets and projects for a research
trip and got help from the group. Data entry is pretty easy, but I would
agree that the search mechanism is a bit strange. The only way I have been
able to search for place in events is to right click on the place box and
then click
on magnify place to enter the place. That is not particularly user friendly
for it
not to automatically fill like it does in other fields, but once you know
how it
works, it works fine.

We desparately need tutorials!! But, this software is definitely worth the
to learn. Hopefully sometime in the future we will see some tutorials and
then I
expect the number of people using this software to grow like crazy. At this
point, most people I talk to have never heard of GenBox and I really do
think that
the lack of tutorials is what is holding it back.

Good luck, and my hope is that you will stick with it.


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Subject: [GENBOX] Searching and Grouping

>I find Genbox a program in many ways that might meet my needs, but some
>things are just
> not at all intuitive to me. There appears to be no place I can go to find
> out how to do
> something---except via a query here. No manual, no user's guide, no web
> sites. The Help file
> is anything but helpful.
> For example, the Search function leaves me totally bewildered. What are
> all those tabs for?
> What do I put into the blank spaces? Can someone explain them to me? I
> don't understand
> what is meant by "Match" for several individuals as it is used here. How
> would I go about
> making a grouping of an individual and his/her descendants (perhaps 150
> people out of
> several thousand in my database) from which I could create a report or
> transfer to a new,
> separate database?
> A saddened exile from the abandoned land of UFT, a reluctant and sometimes
> citizen of the
> kingdom of TMG, a wandering and ancient searcher looking for a new
> home----I want a very
> sophisticated program with a simple, easy, and understandable user
> interface. Is it too much
> to ask?
> Ed
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