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From: "Linda Bridge" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Searching and Grouping
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 01:35:34 +0100
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I'm sure you will get many answers to this as there are many ways to achieve
things with Genbox.

To create a report for an individual and his/her descendants, open the view
individuals screen on the person you wish to make the chart/report for. Go
to reports and choose which type of report you want e.g. descendant
narrative. The report screen opens on the key tab and will show the
individual you had open on the previous screen. This tab also gives you
choices on which descendants to follow and the number of generations you
wish to include. The content tab gives you a lot of choice over what to
include in the report. Just using these two tabs will give you the basic
descendant report. The others offer many more options for fine tuning the
report/chart to suit your needs.

To create a group to transfer to a new database I find the easiest way is to
create a descendant chart from the required individual, then go to view -
lists. On the left hand side of the screen, under Recent Activity will be
chart results. Highlight this and all the people in your chart will be
listed on the right hand side. You can copy and paste this list into saved
lists with a suitable name. Go to File - export data, choose which sort of
export file, then when you get the options screen click on select list and
choose the list you previously created.

Whilst it seems complicated, it is very easy to learn the basics and well
worth the effort. This list is also one of the friendliest and most

Best Wishes

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Subject: [GENBOX] Searching and Grouping

I find Genbox a program in many ways that might meet my needs, but some
things are just
not at all intuitive to me. There appears to be no place I can go to find
out how to do
something---except via a query here. No manual, no user's guide, no web
sites. The Help file
is anything but helpful.

For example, the Search function leaves me totally bewildered. What are all
those tabs for?
What do I put into the blank spaces? Can someone explain them to me? I
don't understand
what is meant by "Match" for several individuals as it is used here. How
would I go about
making a grouping of an individual and his/her descendants (perhaps 150
people out of
several thousand in my database) from which I could create a report or
transfer to a new,
separate database?

A saddened exile from the abandoned land of UFT, a reluctant and sometimes
citizen of the
kingdom of TMG, a wandering and ancient searcher looking for a new home----I
want a very
sophisticated program with a simple, easy, and understandable user
interface. Is it too much
to ask?


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