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Subject: Searching and Grouping
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2006 17:15:05 -0600

I find Genbox a program in many ways that might meet my needs, but some things are just
not at all intuitive to me. There appears to be no place I can go to find out how to do
something---except via a query here. No manual, no user's guide, no web sites. The Help file
is anything but helpful.

For example, the Search function leaves me totally bewildered. What are all those tabs for?
What do I put into the blank spaces? Can someone explain them to me? I don't understand
what is meant by "Match" for several individuals as it is used here. How would I go about
making a grouping of an individual and his/her descendants (perhaps 150 people out of
several thousand in my database) from which I could create a report or transfer to a new,
separate database?

A saddened exile from the abandoned land of UFT, a reluctant and sometimes citizen of the
kingdom of TMG, a wandering and ancient searcher looking for a new home----I want a very
sophisticated program with a simple, easy, and understandable user interface. Is it too much
to ask?


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