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From: "wim prange" <>
Subject: RE: [GENBOX] Disproved marriage events
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 17:10:47 +0200
In-Reply-To: <000001c65fab$d07431c0$0302a8c0@Medion>

Hi Linda,

In addition to ticking exclude boxes (event and family) you could also click
the Alt-boxes for both the event and the family (helpfile: "Checking the Alt
link check box indicates that the current spouse is considered an alternate,
rather than an additional spouse. An alternate spouse would be treated on
narrative reports as a research possibility.").

Together with the exclude box, this would mean that this marriage should not
be included on the Descendant Narrative of an ancestor. It seems to me that
this is an error from Genbox. Also, when using the Alt-box, Genbox should
handle the relationship plus it's events as an alternate but the way it
printed seemed like a second marriage indeed instead of an alternate
event/relationship. Genbox added a (2) after "married" in my test
(indicating this was a second marriage instead of an alternate of the first)
and printed the name of the second spouse: while I had not set to override
exclude flags plus unchecked the Alt-box.

Do you have acces to the beta-group or shall I report the problem there?

Gr. Wim

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> From: Linda Bridge [mailto:]
> Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 12:12 PM
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> Subject: [GENBOX] Disproved marriage events
> Which is the best way to enter disproved marriage events? On
> the parents tab there is a disproved box, but there doesn't
> seem to be one for family events.
> I have been trying to find a marriage for Mary Jane Plant and
> in doing so found two which definitely aren't my Mary Jane.
> I would still like to record these events, just so I won't
> forget and research them again in the future. At the moment
> I have tried ticking the exclude boxes on the marriage event
> and the family tab spouse record. When I run an Individual
> Narrative Report for Mary Jane this is fine, no spouses or
> marriage events reported. When I run a Descendant Report for
> Mary Jane's father, it shows
> her as having married twice, which I know she didn't. Is
> there a way round
> this?
> Thanks
> Linda
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