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From: KQL <>
Subject: Backup doesn't work
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 15:24:11 -0800

This is the buggiest version of Genbox that's been around in a long
time. Things that used to work fine just don't work anymore.

Now I can't back up. Here's what happens:

After I specify the name of the back-up file and click on Save, the
"Backing up" window appears and the backup seems to start. A couple of
seconds later the window "Alert: Insufficient disk space" appears. Then
the "Backing up" window appears again, and the backup seems to continue.
In actuality, nothing happens-- no back-up file is created. The
"Insufficient disk space" message is a ruse-- I can't even back up even
a tiny database with only 15 people in it. I have more than enough disk
space to handle the backup-- the free space on my hard drive is
800x the size of the file to be backed up. I'm working in Windows98, GB
version 3.6.3.


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