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From: KQL <>
Subject: Re: [GENBOX] Place Name Help....
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 00:09:40 -0800
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Rich Marek wrote:
> I have created a template for a US Census for an entry where the
> person resides on a farm. It is....
> [P] appeared on < a census | the US Census of [DY] residing on the
> [0L] [PP=] [T] [1L]> in [2L-]
> In the example of output below, the Local Site (1L) would be; farm of
> John Pabich. Where the "farm of" section is the leading modifier.
> I would like to have the output reflect the
> misspelled names in the output so, since I would have numerous local
> sites reflecting the variations ... "the farm of John Pabich"....
> "the farm of John Pabick"..... "the farm of John Pabach", how would I
> handle these different "names" for the same Local Site?

On the Names tab of the Place window, enter the place name variants,
i.e., John Pabich, John Pabick, John Pabach. Then use them, as
appropriate, for the various local sites on the Events tab.


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